Body Wrap Therapy

Body wrapping, also known as body sculpting, may be new to you but it's really an ancient natural health treatment. The idea of using clays, minerals or herbs to cleanse the body of toxins dates back to the time of Cleopatra. Now body wrap services are becoming increasingly popular in North America. The reason? Body wrapping has joined the ranks of dieting and exercise in the battle against cellulite. It has become popular to cleanse the body of toxins while fasting, dieting, firming and toning the skin. Body wraps are designed to help remove toxins lodged among the fat cells of your body. Toxins collect due to such factors as aging, a poor diet, smoking, illness and lack of exercise. These toxins lie suspended in body fluids that collect among the body's fat cell reserve. Body wraps are effective in eliminating much of the toxins and fluids trapped between the fat cells. The results: You lose inches after a wrap but not weight. Unlike short-term water-loss programs, body wraps are designed to eliminate body toxins and tone the skin for more long-term results.


Elastic cloth bandages that have been soaked in a warm solution of clay, minerals and vitamins or herbs are wrapped firmly around your body. The solution penetrates your skin and helps draw toxins out of the body as the firmly wrapped bandages firm and tone the tissue, muscle and skin. Clay wraps act as a giant poultice drawing toxins out of the skin. Mineral, vitamins or herbal wraps on the other hand flush toxins out of the body through the urinary tract. IT'S NOT A WEIGHT-LOSS PRO-GRAM. Once wrapped, you slip into a special porous nylon or vinyl suit that holds the heat in. You will be instructed to drink plenty of water before, during and after the procedure to help flush the toxins. While the solution is working, you can relax quietly by lying down or doing a light workout, bending or stretching exercises or using the toning table equipment, if available, which is more beneficial. Keeping in motion improves circulation and helps keep the skin's pores open, enabling the solution to penetrate better. As toxins are drawn away, the tautly-wrapped bandages continue their work firming and tightening the area. The wraps are usually worn for between 30 to 60 minutes.


You should allow approximately 1 1/2 hours for your appointment. Avoid shaving legs or underarms until after your appointment, wear cotton under pants while being wrapped. (For ladies) A bra is optional, however, if you desire firming and toning the upper back area, we recommend not wearing one during the session. If you would like to record the amount of inches lost after the wrap, be sure to ask your technician. She will carefully measure several areas (upper and lower arm, upper chest, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs) each measurement and location are carefully noted and a small in-mark is made on your body to show the exact location of the tape. Although partial body wraps are available for specific areas, the full wrap is most effective for removing toxins.


As the wrap comes off, you may wonder if your skin will feel great. The wrap leaves your skin feeling very, very soft, as if your whole body had been conditioned and you may notice a rosy glow. There are some important tips to remember as you leave the body wrap centre. The solution continues to work for 24 to 48 hours, so we recommend no hot showers during that period to keep the solution within the tissue. It is very important to follow a healthy diet after the wrap, as you can easily undo the results with a poor diet. If you resort to overeating and junk food, the toxins will build up again. After your wrap you will be given proper diet instructions.


Before you schedule an appointment for a body wrap you should consider a few things. Body wraps are not a substitute for dieting or exercise and are very effective when employed along with other programs (fasting, dieting, exercise, etc.) They do not reduce the fat cells, only a proper diet and exercise program can do that, instead, the process detoxifies and compacts the fatty cells and tones the skin. If you have certain medical conditions, such as circulatory problems, high blood pressure, or diabetes, check with your physician first. Under no circumstances should a pregnant woman undergo a body wrap. Three to five sessions are necessary to cleanse the body. You shouldn't exceed two weeks between wraps.

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