Immune Stimulant

By: Tanya Harris

Developed in Japan during the 20th century, Shiatsu originates from ancient Chinese techniques —Do - In and Ankyo, and was recognized as a bona fide massage in Japan about 70 years ago. The word `Shiatsu' is translated directly from Japanese as "finger pressure" also called acupuncture without needles, and is applied in a way to rebalance the energy flow through the body's major channels called Ki meridiens. By releasing tension blockages along the meridiens, Shiatsu permits the re-establishment of a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body, and the relief of symptoms that can cause headaches, backaches, colds, high blood other ailments. Disease may be defined as the abnormal state in which part or all of the body is not properly adjusted or is not capable of carrying on all its required functions. There are marked variations in the extent of the disease and in its effect on the person. Disease can have a number of direct causes such as malnutrition, physical and chemical agents, birth defects, etc. Predisposing causes which may increase the probability of a person becoming ill include age, sex, heredity, living habits, attitude, etc. The human body is equipped with a variety of defense mechanisms that help to prevent the entry of pathogens or act to destroy them if they do enter the tissues. Shiatsu massage therapy concentrates on a person's immune system functions. If functioning healthily, the system identifies an invading organism, tracks it down and destroys it before it can do any damage to the body, sometimes unnoticed by the person. Shiatsu strives to prevent illness. In order to diagnose a client, a therapist first feels the condition of a person's health by applying manual and digital pressure to the energy blocks along the meridiens (channels of living magnetic energy) throughout the body. Generally the warm area overstimulates energy, and the cool area under stimulates energy and tension respectively. By balancing the body's negative and positive energies (Ying & Yang) over a period of time, a therapist is able to realize the `normal feel' of a client's body and can identify, prevent and help to heal the body's illnesses by stimulating its natural powers of recuperation, eliminating fatigue producing elements and promoting good health. Shiatsu therapists also work closely with the medical profession and if they suspect that a certain organ in the body may be affected by disease, they will suggest that their client seek medical assistance. The foundation of Shiatsu treatment is the belief that each individual case must be regarded as unique. By adjusting treatment to subtle variations in the individual's condition, it is possible to stimulate the body's miraculous self-healing powers to cultivate both mental and physical well-being, thereby eliminating fatigue producing elements and promoting general good health.

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