Herbs for Children

Louise Tenney

FIRST YEAR OF LIFE: Fruit and vegetable juices or nut milks, always diluted. Ray apple juice and fresh carrot juice are very nourishing. Vitamin C must be given: Needed daily to build up resistance to germs. Babies need the amino acid (building blocks for body tissues). Taurine and mother's milk has a good supply but synthetic formulas don't. A deficiency of this amino acid in experiments has induced epileptic seizures. Taurine and B6 is a good combination for seizure problems.

COLIC: Catnip tea has been used for years for colic in babies. Fennel and peppermint tea are good. Tincture of Lobelia may be added to the tea.

CONSTIPATION: Small amount of mullein added to warm water, weak licorice tea is good for babies. The nursing mother should watch her diet.

CRADLE CAP: Vitamin E or Almond Oil rubbed into scalp.

DIGESTION: Difficulty in digesting cow's milk in children add powdered apple to milk or papaya. Fennel tea and Catnip tea.

DIAPER RASH: Ground comfrey, golden seal and make a paste with Aloe Vera juice. Vitamin E and A are good.

DIARRHEA: Carob flour in pure water every few hours. Barley water. Carob in boiled milk is good. Herb teas: Red Raspberry, Slippery Elm, Ginger, Strawberry, Sage, Yarrow and Oak Bark tea.

DRY SKIN: Olive oil, Vitamin A and E and Almond Oil. Aloe Vera is good.

EAR INFECTION: Garlic oil in ear. Garlic capsule in the rectum. Mullein oil, and Lobelia extract.

FEVER: Catnip tea, red raspberry or spearmint tea. Enemas help to bring fevers down.

HYPERACTIVITY: Keep children away from sweets, artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives. B complex in water or juice. Calcium herbal formula. Vitamin D. Multiple vitamin and mineral tablet.

PINWORMS: Raisins soaked in senna tea for older children is an old time remedy. Chamomile and mint tea helps. Garlic in child's rectum will discard worms.

RESTLESSNESS: Chamomile tea, Lobelia extract rubbed on the back. Few drops of Lobelia extract on the tongue will help relax body.

TEETHING: Restless, crying babies who are teething need more calcium and vitamin D. Weak warm tea of catnip, chamomile, peppermint or fennel will help. Licorice root to chew on, it can dull the pain and irritation which teething causes.

SORE GUMS: Rub the gums with oil of Chamomile, Lobelia extract rubbed on gums and Peppermint oil rubbed on gums will help.

URINATION PROBLEMS: Infants who cannot urinate: Crushed watermelon seeds make into a tea is beneficial. Small amounts given often.

From: "Today's Herbal Health" by Louise Tenney

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