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Each of us is biochemically unique. The proteins that make up our body tissues are uniquely ours unlike those of any other person or organism. And just as no one clothing or shoe size will do for every individual, there is no single dietary program that will meet every individual's needs. Yet in spite of this, most diets are designed as "one size fits all' programs. Of course, these programs always fit some people but they can never fit everyone because of the distinct dif­ferences in our individual metabolisms

These differences are regulated by our glandular systems. The endocrine glands control how fast or how slowly we burn calories, the sorts of foods we crave, where and how much weight we put on and where and how much of the same weight we will take off if we diet. There are four major glands involved in this process: the thyroid pituitary adrenals and reproductive or gonadal glands.

Studies have shown that losing weight is not simply a case of reducing calories and increasing activity. If the glandular system does not act to balance out the metabolism and remove the undesirable weight, then the effects of any diet program are only temporary. Hence, the function of the glandular system must also be taken into account in any long-term weight loss plan.

Because of this, Nature's Sunshine is pleased to introduce a weight loss and lifetime nutritional program which addresses the needs of different types of people. This program is based on a system of glandular body typing developed by Dr. Henry G. Bieler, M.D. a pioneer in the field of nutritional health care. The system was expanded by Dr. Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D., in his book "Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutritional Plan." Essentially, the work of these men and others suggests that there are four major glandular/body types for women and three for men. Practical research has further shown that where there are weight problems, there is usually an accompanying imbalance in the glandular system.

The four glandular/body types for women are: thyroid, pituitary, adrenal and gonadal. Men can generally be classified as thyroid, pituitary or adrenal types. Each type is identified by the gland which dominates the endocrine system in a particular kind of body.

Determining Your Body Type

In most cases, the best way to identify a particular body types is by taking careful note of your shape and general build. It is interesting to realize that individuals with similar body types often share specific dietary preferences, food cravings, preferred activities and personality traits. But while these similarities are in many cases both marked and predictable, they are not always reliable indicators of body type. For that reason, Nature's Sunshine has provided a convenient body type questionnaire that is based solely upon shape and build.

The most important priority in determining your body type is your general overall build. Where do you gain weight first? If the answer is all over your body, then you are most likely a pituitary type. If it's in the thighs and buttocks, you are probably gonadal. If you are basically a person with long limbs and a long neck who possesses a "spare tire" or "pot belly" then you are a thyroid type. If you have a short, thick neck and a large trunk, you are adrenal.

If you are unable to determine what type you are based solely on physical appearance (some people are a mixture), narrow it down to two that fit most closely, then look at other characteristics of those two types to see which one fits you the best. The body type questionnaire is designed to make your decision easier.

The GlanDiet Program

Since each body type is metabolically different, each one requires a slightly different approach and a different blend of nutritional components for optimal weight loss. Nature's Sunshine's GlanDiet Program consists of three major elements. First, meal replacement formulas designed for each body type. Second, certain foods are emphasized, while others are avoided or reduced, in order to help balance each type. Optional herbal support products are available to strengthen the dominant gland. And third, exercise has been recommended to aid the weight-reduction process. Note: We recommend seeing a physician before beginning any weight loss program if blood pressure or other medical conditions warrant it.

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