Electromagnetic Healing

By Gail McGregor

It used to he that the only problems electricity caused were static cling, or a nasty shock if you were foolish enough to touch an electrical cord. Not any more. Studies over the past 10 years prove we have a new menace to healthy living: "electropollution."

This excessive exposure to environmental electricity known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR), is now thought to pose a major threat to our well-being. ln other words, we're being buzzed, and the perpetrators are not those of the winged honey-producing variety. As a result, the natural electromagnetic field around us is severely affected or influenced causing all kinds of illnesses and pain that doctors cannot explain.

There is not enough room on this page to list all of these illnesses, but here are a few: pains and aches, high and low blood pressure, circulation-related abnormalities, headaches, migraines, neuralgia, vertebrae pain, lumbago, sciatica, phantom pain, muscle spasms, nerve inflammation, dizziness, insomnia and stress.

There are two categories of EMR. The first is ionizing radiation and includes X-rays, gamma rays, and nuclear radiation. We know about X-rays. Gamma rays are not prevalent. For the most part, we're not likely to run into nuclear radiation unless we live next door to a nuclear waste dump or a very unfriendly country. That's good news.

The bad news is the second category of EMR. This is called non-ionizing radiation and includes the 60 hertz alternating currents that power our homes and offices. Under this category is everything we hold dear for day-to-day living: electrical outlets, wires, lamps, television sets, microwave ovens, radios, tape players, telephones, electric heaters, electric blankets, blow dryers, computers and clothes dryers. Even your dishwasher is suspect, unless of course you happen to have a housemate who revels in dishpan hands.

While 60 hertz is considered to be an extremely low frequency (ELF), many hours of exposure per day is considered hazardous. Dr. Elson M. Haas, author of Staying Healthy With Nutrition, explains ELF as follows.

Earth's vibration is approximately 10cps (hertz) which is in the alpha, or resting, range of our brain. The Electro Low Frequencies (ELF) common range of 45-70 hertz of most machinery and power lines is close enough to ours and to earth's vibration that it influences us, mainly in the sense of agitation or stimulation. The most general effect of this is probably in our biocycles and in increasing stress and fatigue, as well as in lowering resistance to disease. It also affects our ability to sleep and rest deeply.

Boost to Immunity

Dr. Haas also feels that ELF has a direct effect on our immunizational systems. Because our bodies contain electrical current, it makes sense that doses of external current will rearrange our own built-in immunity. So, short of moving to the northern-most part of Greenland, how do we combat ELF? Believe it or not, b y neutralizing your own magnetic field you can eliminate not only the aforementioned painful conditions but also positively treat a variety of ailments using another electronic device which enhances your own magnetic field.

In the mid 80s the Austrians developed a small battery-operated electronic device capable of neutralizing the magnetic field around us. This product is called ELMAG, a compact, lightweight device that you wear either around your neck (like a pendant), or tucked away inside a shirt pocket. ELMAG emits a steady, low-frequency electronic emission designed to compensate for the influx of radiation we receive daily within our homes and offices.

ELMAG can be programed to emit anywhere from two to 24 hertz; comes with an easy-to-read manual; operates on a small single battery; and is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase. Should you currently be taking prescribed medication, ELMAG's electromagnetic field will facilitate the entering of medicines into the cell, increasing the healing effects by up to 50 percent, thus allowing a reduction in the amount of medication prescribed.

Extensive clinical studies in Austria and Hungary show that therapy with an electromagnetic field can be used in combination with other therapies, and in many cases the effect of the other healing methods will be enhanced. In addition, the research results in the last few years have shown that a pulsating low-frequency magnetic field (two to 24 Hz) has a wide sphere of application in medical therapy.

I put ELMAG on in the afternoon, wore it through the evening and overnight and woke up the next morning having had the best night's sleep I've had in 10 years. I was refreshed, alert and in good humor. Even my cat liked me!

I've been wearing my ELMAG for days now, and I can guarantee that it is surprisingly effective for stress. I feel less anxious and more in control. If it can do that for me I can only guess how much more effective it would be on the other ailments mentioned above. A business friend of mine who suffered from migraine headaches for years, reports he has had no attacks since he started to wear ELMAG around his neck.

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