5 Facts Your Doctor Can't Tell You...But Would Probably Like You To Know

As a doctor, Julian Whitaker has some important things to tell you—things that can give you and your family many more years of happy, healthy living.

Unfortunately, many of his colleagues would rather keep you in the dark. But chances are, you have a good doctor—a professional who would like you to know these important facts about your health:

1. Your doctor's job isn't to keep you healthy.

It's to help you after you get sick. By then, it's too late for you to avoid the pain, the expense and the threat to your life that disease causes. The only person who can keep you from getting sick is you.

2. Doctors are only human.

They put their pants on one leg at a time, and they occasionally make mistakes (if you have trouble believing this, ask your doctor's spouse!). The more informed you are, the better able you are to help your doctor give you the best care possible.

3. Doctors are business people.

Treating disease is how doctors earn a living. Medicine is a profession—not a charitable pursuit. As a result, doctors have a vested interest in recommending costly procedures. It's not surprising that even the American Medical Association agrees that thousands of unnecessary tests and even surgeries are performed every year.

4. Doctors are VERY busy.

They don't have time to sit and chat with you, or to tell you much about anything except how to deal with your current complaint. In fact, few doctors have time to keep up with the latest discoveries and developments in treatment of disease—let alone in the prevention of illness and the maintenance of good health.

5. Doctors are haunted by two paralyzing fears.

They're terrified of (1) Malpractice suits that could wipe them out financially, and (2) Being labeled a "nonconformist" by their associates. If it comes down to prescribing an accepted treatment with questionable benefits or suggesting a more advanced approach that shows great promise, most doctors will play it safe.

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