A Healthy Glow Begins Within!

by Tunde Ertl

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It has many functions and duties. Protects us against mechanical, chemical, physical, thermal and bacterial influences. The Stratum Lucidum layer contains a light dispersing enzyme called Eleedin; the germinative layer produce, a complete protein — melanin — a brownish, black pigment which serves as a screen against light, sun and radiation. When we feel heat or cold, the upper layer of skin will stretch or contract, our glands, blood and lymphatic vessels are getting into action. On hot summer days we sweat a lot. As sweat evaporates it cools down our skin, our body. When we feel cold our blood is rushing through vessels releasing heat.

Normal, healthy skin and hair are slightly acidic. Bacteria cannot live on an acid surface. Our sebaceous — oil --glands are secreting sebum, a semi-fluid, oily substance. Its main function is to act as a shield that prevents moisture from evaporating from the surface of the skin. Prevents drying, chapping and also excess moisture from penetrating into it. Normal skin secrets just enough to fulfill its purpose. Hormones and emotional stress increases the flow of sebum. When natural oils are removed by improper cleansing, this protection is lost.

The skin is playing an important roll in eliminating salt and chemicals by perspiring. The other emanctories — exits — are through the digestive system, respiratory system and kidneys and the urinary tract. If any of these are not functioning perfectly, our skin will try to expel toxins. When using antiperspirants, containing aluminum-chlorhydrate, they block the sweat glands, effecting our metabolism.

Absorption of substances through our skin is limited, but it does occur. Human skin cannot, or has great difficulty in metabolizing synthetic substances. This could cause irritation.

Our skin breathes in oxygen and discharges carbon dioxide, in a very low percentage compared to the lungs. It is very dangerous to coat the skin entirely with anything which interferes with this process. There have been cases where the use of gold paint resulted in death by asphyxiation.

Our skin contains defense cells called T-lymphocytes which will respond to many things that touch or gain entry into the skin. Basically, it acts as a screen as well as a connection within the body.

Before I get any deeper into proper skincare we should keep in mind that our skin is a window, reflecting our inner health. We cannot expect a glowing complexion unless we cat properly, drink adequate amounts of clean water, not abuse our skin and our systems with smoking and drinking alcohol and coffee. We should consider the drugs we are taking. Are they really necessary! Do we exercise regularly? Do we get enough rest? Can we handle stress? We should not consume much sweet, fatty, spicy and salty foods. We need to cat the right portions of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Drink 2-3 litres of water, such as filtered water, daily or caffeine-free, herbal tea. Soup and juices should not he considered as liquids in this sense. Eat calmly, cat enough but moderately. Food swallowed quickly is had for the metabolism. Nicotine and alcohol prevents cells from absorbing necessary oxygen. and diminishes the tone of the skin. Caffeine worsens pimples, pustules and large pores. Do not use pills and drugs indiscriminately. Any kind of medicine has to be absorbed by the body, burdens it and may cause unpleasant skin reactions. Regular movement and exercise is necessary to tone the muscles and stimulate circulation. Blood will carry more nutrients and oxygen to form healthier cells, and eliminate toxins from tissues. Stress is harmful to the skin, could cause superficial unevenness. and worsen existing problems. Depending on the skin type, it could show redness, blotchiness, over-sensitivity, scales, pimples or acne. The hormonal level changes in situations of stress. As a target for many hormones, the skin can exhibit strong responses. Relaxation and recovery are the best medicine against stressed skin. Sleep is the most essential and valuable beauty product, and a vital necessity. During sleep our cells are regenerating and rejuvenating. The psyche calms down and recovers.

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