Mind/Body Harmony

by Christine Devai, B. H.Sc., M.A.. M.H.

Approaching this subject, I was torn between the innocence of wishful thinking that the human condition can be harmony, and the obvious and scientifically evidenced warnings to humanity, which speak of ongoing disharmony. To be at ease and aim for peace, I learned slowly and painfully that, most importantly, I had to find healing in my mind. Mind/Body Harmony to me is a daily challenge and an ongoing commitment. Having transformed my own life through a long and difficult battle with a life-threatening illness, I can speak from examined experience and not just an intellectual approach. I experience harmony both gratefully and mindfully, because I am deeply conscious of the frailty of this state. I consider Mind/Body Harmony, "living in grace". A special blessing so to speak.

In relationship to health and illness, recent research shows conclusive evidence that in connection with any disease pattern, feelings of inner void, hurt, anger and fear are present. This forms the core of any disturbance and can, through a variety of therapeutic models, now be accurately identified through eliciting recollection via hypnosis or regression. In this way we can become aware of how we tend to self-sabotage and how the root of this nasty habit was really established in early childhood and often times is acted out as adult compensatory striving. Depending on the degree of our inner work and consciousness, we may gradually realize a root pattern due to unresolved and devastating situations where we may have lost trust in the possibility of true love bonding. To transform the core structure of this disharmonious state is a tall order and requires enormous courage and willingness to undergo a long, often times painful, passage.

Fortunately, and with the help of a gifted and sensitive therapist, there are now safe methods to identify the core issues of any disease process. In most cases we are in for work with our core emotions such as hurt, anger and fear and need to learn about breath, relaxation, ease, acceptance, meditation and living in the here and now the best we can. Psychosomatics and other forms of psycho-spiritual healing, are primary requirements for reestablishing Mind/Body Harmony and overcoming our addictions. Through touch, movement, sensible nutrition, and body awareness we can address our emotional issues and find a body/mind oriented way to inhabit ourselves more fully and more honestly.

These days it seems essential to let ones heart flower and grow in love and self discovery. Imagine each one of us doing our inner work and finding ways to touch and heal our minds and emotions through the body. We could get along better, because we would be so sensitive to the huge vulnerability we all share by our sheer humanity. In my own work with people I encourage everyone to explore the heart of their body/mind dynamics. Jointly we experience the tools and insights of body/mind healing that improve the quality of life, are health promoting and influence the medical course of illness. I focus on experiences in relaxation for pain control and stress reduction. Breathing techniques for increased energy and well-being. Voice dialogues for calming and supporting the inner child. Mental imagery to build confidence in your healing course and in your medical treatment, envisioning your bodies highest healing potential and perfect harmony. There are Flower remedies, micro-nutrients in the form of enzymes, vitamins and herbal supplements, as well as homeopathic constitutional remedies, that bridge this torrential river of confusion from disease to wellness. Organic food, preferably homegrown and lovingly prepared, eaten regularly and with awareness can produce astonishing results in changing the toxic blood chemistry. Physical fitness with focus on cellular respiration is a must. Cleansing saunas/ steam and medicinal baths, followed by cold showers and enhanced by body brushing do wonders for the overall disposition. You have to start somewhere. Most of the above requires just discipline and self care, not money nor deluxe gadgets.

I encourage self-empowerment through education, mindfulness practice, simple living and high thinking, and foremost a commitment to acquire the skills to go deeper into healing relations with oneself. This results in a creative approach to healing the Mind/Body Harmony and extends from the core of ones being into the larger human community.

The way I see it, it's about cultivating peacefulness in the mind and openness in the heart. Daily meditation, even just breath awareness and contemplative silence are the best and safest tools for self-empowerment with lasting results and a reverberation that touches everything in the universe. Coming home to ones essence, being present for ones core experience of life is a powerful and benevolent way to invoke Mind/Body Harmony. We need to unlock our bodies tension and pain. In a gentle, loving way we can choose what is individually most suitable. For some it may be the martial arts, or sitting on a cushion Zen style, others prefer mindful walking meditation every morning at sunrise, and others will feel the need for weekly massage or other forms of body work. We, living in the '90s, are ever so fortunate to have a whole smorgasbord of teachers, therapies, foods, fasts, books, videos, workshops, and audiocassettes available. Something for every need, for every taste, for every budget. It is wonderful ! Just keep learning, just keep moving, keep growing.

For many of us this is the time for soul searching and spiritual renewal. We know in a primal way, that we, individually, have the work and responsibility to change toward a more harmonious way of thinking and being in the great wheel of life. Now, close to the end of this year, entering the dark and introspective season, we can give thought to our options and the direction for our new year. Commitment to the inner life results in meaningful dreams, less stress, more immune power, less body symptoms, better relationships and fulfilling creative pursuits.

Sounds like the life you have been looking for? Well, these are the times, we are the people. Body/Mind Harmony. Try it, you might like it. See you on the path of walking in balance, with an attitude of gratitude.

Christine E. DeVai is a selfhelp educator, herbalist and facilitator of compassionate cancer care.

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