Skin Miracle From Beehive

Barbara Skiba emigrated from Poland in 1956 and subsequently purchased land in Muskoka, Ontario. After working in the health profession for several years, Barbara started a successful beekeeping business called the So-Ho-Mish apiary. Although debilitating arthritis prevented her from operating a large scale apiary, she devoted all of her free time to the research of bee products and natural extracts. Through this knowledge, Barbara has developed and sold several successful products including skin creams. Her skin care creams contain propolis as the main ingredient along with extracts of several herbs and vitamins. It is especially effective for numerous skin problems.

Some ingredients in her cream are:

Honey: a natural humectant that prevents moisture loss from the skin with some antibacterial properties.

Propolis: In numerous studies, it has been shown to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. It has been used in folk medicine for over 2,000 years to treat wounds, skin lacerations, boils and other skin problems.

Aloe Vera: A well-known plant extract that heals and soothes irritated nerves and promotes skin regeneration.

Plant Collagen: A protein from the connective tissue of plants similar to human collagen that contributes to the elasticity and resilience of skin. An effective moisturizer that imparts a smooth feeling to the skin.

Chamomile Extract: Comes from a flower that grows in Germany and other parts of Western Europe. Contains active essential oils and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Hypericum Extract: Also known as St. Johns wort oil, it is a flower that grows in Europe and North America. It desensitizes nerves and also soothes them if they are irritated. It has some antiseptic properties.

Royal Jelly: A nutrient rich substance which in clinical tests has shown to increase circulation in the skin. It has rejuvenation properties similar to estrogen and other sex hormones.

Vitamin E: Used for its natural antioxidant properties and in most anti-aging or wrinkle removing creams.

Wheat Germ Oil: One of the richest natural sources of vitamin E, it also contains Vitamins A and D, certain B vitamins, lecithin and estrogenic substances that have skin-healing properties.

Many other ingredients are included in this truly amazing skin cream. You can obtain a more complete list of the ingredients when you purchase the product from her or her distributors. The products contain no artificial colouring or perfumes that are responsible for allergic reactions in sensitive consumers. There are no ingredients that are derived from animals or animal products or has been tested on animals.

Here is information from some very satisfied consumer.

"I had very dry itchy flaky skin on the face. Just one week after using this remarkable skin cream my skin started improving. Three weeks later all flakiness and itching was gone and my skin has a healthy glow."

"I have been using So-Ho-Mish Skin Cream with Bee Products for about six months. I am quite pleased with the condition of my skin from the very first jar of So-Ho-Mish. I use it twice a day on my face and scar tissue on my leg which was very hard and crusty from a varicose ulcer. The area was quite large (4 cm in diameter), it is now only half a cm in diameter. The surrounding skin is soft and normal, thanks to your cream. My friend who had surgery has had the same results. Thank you and good luck."
Sincerely Yours,
Yvonne Jefferey

"Just a short note on your marvelous skin cream. I have tried many different creams from the most expensive lines such as Clinique to Shoppers ' Drug Mart specials and I find that yours is far superior. I have very sensitive and dry skin and your cream is the only moisturizer I wear under my makeup... I know how difficult it is to find skin and hair products that do not contain irritating perfumes, stabilizers or preservatives. I feel that your product would be of great interest to people such as myself who are sensitive to these ingredients."
Sincerely Yours,
Karin Schultz

"I'm so delighted with the skin cream you sent to me. You're right about it being good. I really like it! Maybe you should write a book of formulas. Hope to hear from you soon."
Elaine White

Thousands of other individuals have experienced favourable results with this cream for numerous skin problems. The line of cream includes a day cream, night cream and a body cream. They are sold at a moderate price range to enable individuals on a tight budget to afford them. They are sold through several distributors that she has appointed to distribute her products.

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