Relief From Headaches With Homeopathy

by Sheila McKenzie-Barnswell, B.Sc., R.N.C., R.D.H., H.P.

Headaches are the most common and most annoying disorder known to man. Headaches can result from everyday tension or stress or can accompany other disorders such as cold, flu or more serious health conditions. The suggestions in this article are not intended to replace the treatment of a competent health care professional. For constantly recurring headaches, you should seek proper medical diagnosis to rule out serious underlying health problems that may be causing you to have headaches. Many experts will agree that even as many as ninety percent of headaches are caused by nervous tension. This article deals with headaches caused by nervous tension or common headaches such as from colds, flu, constipation, eyestrain, lack of sleep and anxiety. Migraine headaches can also be helped by these measures but are more complex and difficult to cure. You need the help of a professional when you are dealing with severe migraines.

Some common sense approaches to headaches are a good night's sleep, a warm bath, a nap, fresh air, a wet compress on the head or massage of the area. You have to experiment with what works best for you. I never take any type of medication for a headache. What works best for me is a warm Epsom salt bath. Drink a herbal tea of catnip, yellowdock, witch-hazel bark; drink lots of fluids, avoid stress on the day of the headache and have an early, good night's sleep. In the morning, I am always fully recovered and fully energized. Most of the suggestions in this article, I have tried both on myself and family members and clients with a lot of success. The most common headaches are caused by muscle tension. The muscle of the head contracts resulting in the tiny veins in the scalp to go into spasm and decrease the blood flow. The blood and oxygen to the surrounding tissue is diminished. This results in a headache. The migraine headache is more complex. The common theory of migraine headache is that the blood vessels in the brain and neck dilate due to closing down of the central blood vessels in other points which results in tension and pain. Certain hormonal changes in the body such as menstruation can trigger them. They often begin in young women at about the age of fifteen. As the body enters into maturity, these headaches come on at a predicated time of the month and correspond to the time of menstruation.

Homeopathic Approach

The usual dosage is three pills four times in potencies of 6x or 12x unless indicated otherwise.

Symptom Pictures

Symptom — Nat Mur Headache #1

Also good for migraines. If the headache is dull and heavy after mental exertion and you feel great drowsiness, there is a feeling as if the head will burst open or that it is being compressed in a vise that if it continues the skull is going to be crushed, you also feel as if hammers are inside the head: this headache tends to start in the morning and lasts until the late afternoon. Sweating seems to bring relief. There is a feeling of great weakness during the attack, the face is pale, the tongue is dry. You cannot bear light or noise. You are often the sentimental type with an aversion to bread and fats but desire salt.

This remedy is better for migraines or chronic headaches. It may actually make a simple headache worse.

Symptom — Belladonna, Headache #2

The headache comes on quickly and with enormous violence. The face grows red, the head is hot, the pupils are dilated. There is throbbing in the brain along with a cutting, stabbing pain that is worse at night when lying down and when climbing stairs. The headaches seem better when you lean back. The headache comes on suddenly and also disappears suddenly; there is congestion of blood in the head with sharp pains, especially on the right side. There is great throbbing and you cannot bear light or noise. You also feel better when you are propped up. Take Belladonna.

Symptom — Ignatia, Headache #3

This type of headache is from nervousness due to worry, anxiety or fatigue. There are usually sharp pains on the side of the head which are better when lying on the painful side. The head feels heavy, as if congested and the pain seems less when bending forward. The pain is worse by talking. listening intently and by drinking coffee. There is also throbbing around the eye area and base of the nose which is relieved if you change your position. Take Ignatia.

Symptom — Nux Vomica, Headache #4

This headache follows over indulgence in eating or drinking, indigestion colic fermentation and fatigue. It usually, starts the morning after and is accompanied by gastric pains, headache is boring, as if the skull would split and centre over one eye. Sometimes there is dizziness, nausea and vomiting. The person with this type of headache is usually the nervous type with sallow or yellow complexion (other individuals can have this headache also). Headache also is due to lack of exercise or fatigue. There is a sour taste in the mouth. Take Nux Vomica.

Symptom — Bryonia, Headache #5

This headache begins in the morning. It is worse if you try to sleep and from movement of any kind. It is also accompanied by a sour taste in the mouth, vomiting and nausea. Movement of the eye aggravates pain. The eye also feels as if bruised. The pain usually starts in the forehead and moves to the back of the skull. The headache usually follows rage and anger, or exposure to moist hot air, also constipation. It increases from morning towards evening. You are weak and cannot sit up due to nausea and faintness. You feel quarrelsome, and eating and washing the face with cold water seem to make the condition worse. Take Bryonia.

Symptom — Aconite, Headache #6

This headache comes in incredible violence with a tearing, burning rush into the brain that is often accompanied by great fear and anguish.

There is a continual throbbing, mostly centered in the left side of the forehead with occasional right side pains as well. The condition is worsened by cold winds and is often accompanied by fever. You also have copious urination which sometimes relieves the pain. Take Aconite.

Symptom — Sanguinaria, Headache #7

This type of pain starts at the back of the head and moves forward over the head and settles over the right eye. It is also accompanied by nausea, vomiting and badly smelling sputum which seems badly smelling to you. This headache might start from over exposure to the sun. It also begins in the morning and slowly intensifies all day until night. It is better from lying down in a dark quiet place. The soles of the feet and palms of the hands burn and there is also a feeling that the head will burst open. You are made worse by sudden noise and peculiar odours. The pain also seems to be accompanied by a loose cough. Take Sanguinaria.

Symptom — Sepia, Headache #8

This headache is from nervousness. It is usually cured by sleep, a short nap is good. You are better in a quiet place and lying in a horizontal position. It is also better with exercise, from wrapping the head, from heat. The pain is located in the back of the head and seems to shoot upwards. You want to be left alone. The pain comes in shocks with loathing of food. Take Sepia.

Symptom — Gelsemium, Headache #9

With this headache you have blurred vision which is associated with eye strain. The passing of urine also seem to relieve the headache. The pain is centered in the back and feels like the head is being constricted by an iron band. It spreads out to the eye area and there is a sensation of hammering in the base of the brain. The pain seems too painful to describe. The pupils are dilated, the extremities are cold and you cannot concentrate. The throbbing is worse from the sun. This often accompanies influenza. Take Gelsemium.

Symptom — Pulsatilla, Headache #10

This headache can result from over-eating, over drinking or from rich greasy foods. The head is hot, congested, throbbing and is worse from movement. The pain does not remain in one place but changes are sharp and go from the head to the face. You are better with a cold compress to the head and better if you take a walk in the fresh air. You have no thirst, cry easily and the headache is worse from the heat. Take Pulsatilla.

Symptom — Iris Vericolor, Headache #11

You have profuse secretion of rope-like saliva, blurring of vision, gastric problems, nausea and vomiting. There is burning in the mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach. Your stools are watery and the anus is inflamed. There is a periodicy to this headache and are somewhat predictable. It often comes on weekend days like Saturdays or Sundays. Take Iris Vericolor.

Symptom — Sulphur, Headache #12

There is a burning feeling in the temples and forehead with throbbing and pressing pain. You feel as if there is great heat on top of the head. You also feel as if you have a tight cap on the head. This is sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting, redness in the eye and heaviness of head. You are worse if you eat or try to lie down. You love fats, have an aggressive nature, very untidy and cannot stand for long periods of time.

For homeopathic care that is geared towards your unique individuality, seek the services of a professional homeopath.

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